The Rituals

The habits and rituals we practice enrich our experiences and make our days meaningful. The Loft curates various events and activities to enhance your wellbeing, help you discover your rhythm in our workspace and find belonging within our community. From motivational seminars, wellness and fitness classes, cocktail mixology workshops, and so much more, there is… Continue reading The Rituals

The Perks

It’s the little details that often brighten your day and make things worthwhile. The Loft has partnered with the best local and legendary brands to bring convenience and reward to your doorstep. Whether placing high-quality products in our bathrooms, offering complimentary barista-quality coffee, gourmet treats and more, The Loft puts in the extra effort to… Continue reading The Perks

The Fun

What’s work without a bit of fun? A vital part of building community and healthy workplace culture centres on experiences that bring enjoyment and a chance to socialise and have a good time. Check out some of the highlights and snapshots of our most happy moments with our members on our social media platforms.

The Vouch

Want an insider’s perspective? Get it straight from the source. Connect with our current members and learn about their experiences first-hand as they share their journeys and moments through our spaces.